Managing Collection Systems

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Managing Collection Systems addresses the collection of residential solid waste and recyclables from single family and multi-family residences. The course includes a discussion of state-of-the-art technology and best practices as reported in the literature and practice. The goal of the course is to provide information that will assist individuals and organizations in the planning, operations and management of residential solid waste and recyclables collection systems.  Managing Collection Systems is offered by SWANA as preparation for the Collection Systems Certification exam or as a standalone course. Earn about 21 SWANA PDHs upon completion of this course.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, learners should understand:

  • The fundamentals of municipal solid waste design and operation
  • The methods, types, and levels of collection services
  • The three types of collection equipment design and proper equipment maintenance practices
  • The four “proven” collection methods
  • The guidelines and techniques associated with collection vehicle routing
  • The guidelines and techniques associated with yard waste, special waste, and commercial waste
  • The issues associated with organizing and managing collection services, including the basics of personnel management
  • The concepts and practices associated with cost accounting and financing collection services
  • The manager’s role and responsibility in establishing and maintaining health and safety programs
  • How to design and implement an effective billing and customer service program
  • How to obtain support for collection programs and implement an education and outreach program

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for collection system owners, operators, managers, system planners, and employees responsible for daily collection system operations.

Course Content

The course consists of lectures, class activities, exercises, and a facility tour (when available in proximity to the class location) to see theory in everyday practice. The text for the course is Managing Collection Systems. This comprehensive manual details the following topics with supplemental images, graphs, examples and exercises. It serves as an On-the-Job reference.

  • The Need for Solid Waste Collection
  • The Role of the Private Sector and Federal, State and Local Government
  • Municipal Solid Waste Characteristics
  • Collection Service Types, Levels, and Methods
  • Solid Waste Collection Equipment
  • Developing a Solid Waste Collection Plan
  • Collection Systems Design
  • Routing
  • Collection Residential MSW and Recyclable
  • Collecting Yard Waste and Special Waste
  • Collecting Commercial Solid Waste
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Health and Safety
  • Organization and Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Cost Accounting and Financing
  • Billing and Customer Service
  • Contracting for Collection Services
  • Planning a Public Education and Outreach Program