Managing Construction & Demolition Materials

No training days are scheduled for this course.

This three-day course provides the information and knowledge required to properly manage Construction and Demolition debris material and the disposal of any residuals from such operations.  Environmentally and economically sound design of recycling and disposal operations for C&D debris materials is also addressed.

(3 days; optional written exam)

Earn about 21 SWANA PDHs and/or 1.8 CEU’s towards your Alberta Landfill Operator Certification

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify environmental impacts of construction and debris, potential danger to human health or environment, and define construction and debris
  • Understand how construction and demolition debris is defined by federal statute
  • Distinguish the factors affecting C &D Debris composition, methods for estimating the composition of C&D debris
  • Identify primary markets, specific material markets, and the types of markets that can be used for recycling of recovered C&D debris
  • Explain the importance of landfills, landfill regulations, permitting, and design and layout
  • Illustrate characteristics of C&D landfill leachate, groundwater impacts and monitoring
  • Identify future trends in C&D management and factors influencing those trends

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for local government waste managers, private sector waste managers, construction and demolition contractors, environmental regulators, architects and engineers.

Course Content

The course manual is the Managing Construction & Demolition Materials by SCS Engineers of Reston Virginia. This comprehensive manual details the following topics with supplemental images, graphs and examples for participants to discuss and acts as a reference tool back on the job.

  • Defining C&D materials
  • C&D Debris Composition
  • C&D Material Characterization
  • Generation of C&D Debris
  • On-Site Management of C&D debris
  • Environmental Issues at the C&D Site
  • Markets for Recovered Materials
  • Assessing Options for Recycling on the Job Site
  • C&D Debris Processing Equipment
  • C&D Recycling Facility Layout and Operation
  • C&D Landfill Siting, Permitting and Design and Operation
  • Environmental Issues with C&D Landfills
  • The Role of the C&D Waste Manager with Disaster Debris
  • Compliance Inspections
  • Future Trends in C&D Management