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Canadian Waste Exports to China

ECCC.China’s Prohibition ban.Dec14,2017.ENG

According to this notice, due to amendments made to the Export and Import of Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Recyclable Material Regulations (EIHWHRMR) in 2016, waste and recyclable materials intended for export are required to be redefined as hazardous if the country to which it is being sent defines it as such. According to the notice from ECCC:

Under Canadian law, such waste or material will also be considered hazardous under the EIHWHRMR and will require an export permit under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 if China is the intended destination for that shipment. However, given that China has already announced its intention to ban the import of these wastes, it is likely that Canada would not be able to obtain the required consent from China to authorize such an export. In such a situation, shipments that proceed without proper permits will be considered unlawful exports. This means that, the exporter will be required to make all necessary arrangements to return the shipment to Canada or to an alternative destination and could be prosecuted under the Canadian Environmental Protection Acts, 1999 for violation of the provisions of the Act and the EIHWHRMR.

The full notice is attached!

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Town of Banff – RFI

the Town of Banff in exploration of potential processes or technologies that could support the Town to achieve its goals of transforming municipal organic feedstocks into valuable end products while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and maximizing overall environmental benefits.
The Town’s main objective through this Request for Information is to explore further options for processing municipal source-separated organics (food scraps). However, the Town is open to proposed approaches that also use other organic feedstocks such as biosolids, leaf, and yard waste and/or other materials as inputs.

Request for Information

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