June 13, 2023

Training (Separate Registration Required)

***Please note the new start time***

Registration opens at 8:30 am, Classes start at 9:00 am and will end by 4:30 pm. Snacks, beverages, and lunch will be provided.

  • Landfill Fires ($325 + GST per person) – Instructor: Michel Lefebvre
    Room: Katimavik A
  • Small and Remote Landfill Operation Basics ($375 + GST per person) – Instructor: Scott Theede
    Room: Katimavik D

Contact or visit to register.

Reception and “Midnight” Golf

The tournament will be a fun tournament (no golf experience required) and will tee off between 9:00 and 10:00 pm on June 13. The Bus will pick up at the Explorer Hotel at 8:00 pm, reception to be held at the golf course. We hope to wrap up around midnight with photos on the golf course.
We will be at the popular Yellowknife Golf Club and are planning prizes (potentially) including the following – and more!

Hole Competitions
Longest Drive
Shortest Drive
Closest to the Pin 
Longest Putt
Team Competitions 
Best Dressed 
Worst Behaved
Lowest Team Score
Highest Team Score

Cost is $75 which includes transportation to and from the course, a light snack, 9 holes of golf and a motorized cart (golf clubs can be rented onsite for an additional ~$20).

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June 14, 2023

Workshop: Lessons from and for the ground: EPR and the changing solid waste management landscape in the North

Room: Katimavik D

Additional Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations are being implemented in the Yukon, and considered in the Northwest Territories, as well as being implemented or expanded in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. They will change the landscape of solid waste management as they transfer the responsibility of collecting and recycling materials from municipalities to the companies that make these products. With the goals of preventing and reducing the waste that goes to landfill, and supporting the effective implementation of all EPR programs in the North, the workshop will bring together the range of stakeholders necessary to a well-functioning EPR ecosystem to:

  • learn from success stories that have reduced and better managed waste in Northern, remote and Indigenous communities, in an EPR context; and,
  • explore potential economic development opportunities within and between these communities – opportunities to prevent and manage more waste, and increase circularity in the Northern economy.

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Registration Opens

in Conference Center Foyer

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Tour 1 (SOLD OUT): Yellowknife Solid Waste Facility including ‘YKEA’, Transfer Station, City Compost site and Giant Mine Tour, 2:00 – 4:00 pm      

Northern waste challenges require northern solutions. In this tour, the City of Yellowknife’s Solid Waste Facility will share their experiences with managing solid waste as well as their plans for the future.  The tour of the Solid Waste Facility will include a visit to the beloved Public Drop Off Area, the engineered cells, the compost pad and other processing areas. Discussion topics include the progression from baling to compacting waste, waste wood to energy initiatives and long-term planning for the site.  

This tour also includes a trip down the road to Giant Mine, the biggest remediation project in Canada!  Many partners are working together in an effort to be stewards of the environment while ensuring that the project is done efficiently and effectively.

Waste management requires input from the private, municipal and federal entities in order to be successful.  Participants will see this first hand on this tour.


Tour 2: Yellowknife Solid Waste Facility including ‘YKEA’, Transfer Station and City Compost site
First group (2A) from 2:00 – 3:15 pm
Second group (2B) from 3:00 – 4:15 pm

In this tour, the City of Yellowknife’s Solid Waste Facility will share their experiences with managing solid waste as well as their plans for the future.  The tour of the Solid Waste Facility will include a visit to the beloved Public Drop Off Area, the engineered cells, the compost pad and other processing areas. Discussion topics include the progression from baling to compacting waste, waste wood to energy initiatives and long-term planning for the site.  

Waste management requires input from the private, municipal and federal entities in order to be successful.  Participants will see this first hand on this tour.


Tour 3: Old Town Yellowknife Walking Tour, 1:30 pm – 4:00/4:15 pm

A bus will pick up participants at the Explorer hotel at 1:30 pm and drop participants at the Old Town Parking lot (at entrance to old town).  After a quick view of the Waste Diversion Station and the Old Town Community Garden, you will tour through the wood yard which is full of interesting stories and structures.  The short walk will pass by the Yellowknife Cultural Crossroad (outdoor mural) followed by a presentation at Old town glass works about how they recycle products (note the tour will bring people to the property and you are welcome to return for shopping at the end of the tour).

The formal tour ends with an ice cream (included) at the Sun Dog Trading Post.

After the formal part of the tour you are welcome to tour on your own – have a refreshment at the NWT Brewery, check out one of the local restaurants (Fishy People, Bullocks) or do some shopping on the 10 minute walk back to the Old Town Parking lot (1 hour for hanging out in Old Town and making your way back to the bus pickup location).  If you prefer more time you are welcome to walk back to the Explorer hotel (15 – 20 minute walk) when you are ready to return.

Tour – 1.5 hours plus 1 hour ‘on your own’ – 2.5 hours.

Walking required.


Tour 4: Yellowknife Boat Tour, 3:15 pm – 5:00 pm

A bus will pick you up at the Explorer Hotel at 3:15 pm and drop you off at Fishy People (Fishy People is a local restaurant with outdoor seating and is the only waterfront restaurant in Yellowknife).

The Boat Tour will be approximately half hour (20 minutes on the water) and will have 5 – 7 people in a motorboat that travels from Fishy People to Jolliffe Island with views of the houseboats and back.  You are welcome to hang out at Fishy People for appetizers, drinks or a meal (on your own), wander through Old Town or make your way back to the hotel (30 minute walk) – or wait for the buses which will pick you up at Fishy People between 4:30 and 5:00 pm. 

Note this tour is weather dependant, should we not be able to proceed we will do our best to reschedule during the week.

Some walking on uneven terrain/agility required for getting into the boats.

YP Event

Room: Katimavik D

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Opening Reception

Room: Katimavik ABCD

Conference Welcome Event and Tradeshow Sneak Peak

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June 15, 2023


in Conference Center Foyer


Room: Katimavik ABCD

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Conference Opening

Room: Katimavik ABCD

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Bobby Drygeese and the Dene Drummers
Opening prayer from Elder
Welcome from the City of Yellowknife
Opening remarks

Keynote:  “
Permafrost Dynamics in a Changing Climate”
Steve Kokelj, PhD. Senior Permafrost Scientist, Northwest Territories Geological Survey, Government of the Northwest Territories


Tradeshow Opening and Networking Break

Room: Katimavik D and Foyer

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Concurrent Sessions

Small and Remote Communities – Past to Present – Session 1A

Room: Katimavik A

This session will tell the story of historical landfills and dumps being converted modern facilities. Join us for earned wisdom on facility improvements.

Moderator: Molly Fyten

  • “Clean Up Clean Start: NWT Regional Solid Waste Improvement Projects”, Gerald Enns, GNWT Department of Municipal and Community Affairs
  • “Converting Dump Sites into Resource Management Centres”, Stan Lozecznik, KGS Group
  • “Illegal Dumping – Addressing an Ugly Eye Sore One Site at a Time”, Roschell Clarke & Constable Arnold MacKinnon, Cape Breton Regional Municipality

Composting Processing? What’s changing in the compost game?  – Session 1B

Room: Katimavik B

This session provides an update on the latest and greatest in compost facilities and regulations.

Moderator: Roshni Sebastian

  • “Curbside Organics Collection in Smaller Communities: Best Practices & Some Lessons Learned”, Jeff Ainge, Jeff Ainge & Associates Inc
  • “Small-scale Composting in Rural and Remote Regions”, Amy Smith, Green Action Centre
  • “What’s Changed in the Alberta Compost Game”, Steve Johnson, AECOM

Mine Waste Stories – Session 1C

Room: Katimavik C

Moderator: Brent Boss

  • “Rayrock Mine Remediation”, Joël Nolin & Rob McCollough, AECOM
  • Angela Bigg, Diavik Diamond Mine
  • “Waste Management at Giant Mine: A Tale of Many Streams”, Patrick Schmidt and Natalie Plato, Crown Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada


Room: Katimavik ABCD

Welcome from Minister Shane Thompson, 19th Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly representing the constituency of Nahendeh.

Lunch to Follow

Concurrent Sessions

The Burning Question – Session 2A

Room: Katimavik A

Fires at the landfill are never good news. Hear stories of past fires and learn what to do before and after getting the call.

Moderator: Scott Theede

  • “It’s not IF… it’s WHEN – Landfill Fires”, Eldon Wallman, City of Steinbach
  • “Youngstown Regional Landfill Fire”, Jim Lapp, Tetra Tech
  • “Learnings from the Jasper Chetamon Wildfire”, John Greathead, Municipality of Jasper

Building Engagement and Education for Today’s World – Session 2B

Room: Katimavik B

What do you need to effectively communicate with the public and customers? Join us to learn from communication and engagement practitioners.

Moderator: Gayleen Creelman

  • “Smart Trucks & A.I. – Finding the Education Strategy that Works for You”, Stevan Mikha, Prairie Robotics
  • “Community Engagement for Solid Waste Management Projects – from remote communities to entire municipalities”, Meaghan Pauls, Scatliff+Miller+Murray
  • “TikTok, Instagram & Beyond – Talking Trash on Social Media”, Jessica Shrout, Circle Three Branding
  • “SortnGo – ACRD West Coast Organics Implementation – – Yuulu?it?ath Government and Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations”, Jodie Frank, ACRD and William Severinson, TFN

Creating a Circular Economy for Organics in our Communities – Stories of Success – Session 2C

Room: Katimavik C

Across northern and western Canada there are many inspiring examples of communities successfully creating a circular economy for organics.  Learn about the policies, community approaches and tools being used to create high-quality compost that contributes to local food security, soil health, community well-being and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. 

Moderator: Shannon Ripley

  • “Tulita 365 Gardening”, Tim Tomczynski, Economic Development Officer, Hamlet of Tulita (Northwest Territories)
  • “Banff’s Zero Waste Trail & Why Municipal Policy Works”, Carla Bitz, Environmental Coordinator, Resource Recovery, Town of Banff (Alberta)
  • “Food Waste Recycling Options for Smaller and Northern Communities”, Dr. John Paul, President, Transform Compost Systems (British Columbia)
  • “Developing contaminant removal and screening options for small-scale compost facilities”, Garret Gillespie, Owner, Boreal Compost Enterprises (Yukon)
  • “Organics Recycling: Moving to Action”, Susan Antler, Executive Director, Compost Council of Canada

Networking Break

Room: Katimavik D and Foyer

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Concurrent Sessions

Small and Remote Communities – Opportunities to Optimize – Session 3A

Room: Katimavik A

What can we do to improve our operations? Come to this session to learn about opportunities for improvements.

Moderator: Bill Cummins

  • “Yellowknife’s Transition from a Balefill to Conventional Landfill”, Chris Vaughn, City of Yellowknife
  • “Environmental Monitoring: Asking Why and Reviewing Program Findings”, Sarina Loots & Jackie Kaiser, Associated Environmental Consultants
  • “Optimizing Waste Management Through Regionalization”, Casey Frantik,  Saskatchewan Environment

EPR in Canada – Session 3B

Room: Katimavik B
(please note: this session will end at 5:00 pm)


How to make Extended Producer Responsibility work in the North. Learn about challenges and solutions to common issues.

Moderator: Sonya Adams

  • “On the Road to EPR in the Yukon”, Natalia Baranova, Government of Yukon
  • “Considerations for EPR in the NWT”, Giselle Beaudry, Government of the Northwest Territories
  • “Collaborations with First Nations”, Will Burrows, Interchange Recycling (formerly BC Used Oil Management Association)
  • “Transportation Challenges for Recycling in the Northern Territories”, Peter Houweling, Kavanaugh Waste Removal Services

Climate Change – Climate-friendly innovations – Session 3C

Room: Katimavik C

Moderator: Lytasha Bastine

  • “Solar on Landfills”, Drew Lent & Michel Lefebvre, Tetra Tech
    • Feasibility study on a closed landfill outside of Halifax
  • “Landfill Gas to Renewable Natural Gas in Niagara – Preparing the Wellfield”, Denise Burgess & Shannan McGarr, Comcor Environmental Limited

Tradeshow Reception

Room: Katimavik D & Foyer

End your day of learning by networking with your colleagues.

Banquet and Entertainment

Room: Katimavik ABCD

Table Wine sponsord by 

After Party

Join us at the Gold Range for “Amateurs night”.  It is a short walk to the Gold Range and we are told it is “something everyone needs to see”.  No pressure but note you can walk home at midnight and it will still be daylight!  (Note there are also 4 cab companies and 24/7 cab services).

June 16, 2023


Room: Katimavik ABCD

Concurrent Sessions

Small and Remote Communities – Opportunities for Technology at a Small Scale – Session 4A

Room: Katimavik A

Learn about making technologies work at a small scale.

Moderator: Steve Johnson

  • “Incineration as a feasible SWM solution in a remote northern community”, Mario Poveda, KGS Group
  • “Autonomous micro-grids: a climate solution for small-medium landfill methane emissions”, Jamaal Montasser, Perdico Energy
  • “Achieving Circular Economy Through Composting”, Faith Green-Mykituk, City of Whitehorse

Landfill Closure Options and Ideas – Session 4B

Room: Katimavik C

There are many aspects to consider in closing landfills. From covers to leachate come here to see how communities are addressing closure.

Moderator: Ash Raichura

  • “Spyhill Waste Management Facility (WMF) Stage 1 Evapotranspiration (ET) Cover”, John MacKenzie, AECOM
  • “Long-Term Strategic Planning to Modernize the Design and Operational Practices of a Mature Landfill Facility”, Jeff Chan, Associated Engineering Alberta
  • “Leachate Quantity Analysis as a Budget Planning and Final Landfill Cover Performance Assessment Method for Closed Landfill Cells”, Jeroen Pieterse, City of Calgary

Exhibit Viewing and Refreshment Break

Room: Katimavik D & Foyer

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Concurrent Sessions

Attracting the future of the industry – young professional development panel – Session 5A

Room: Katimavik C

This session will include young and experienced professionals for a panel discussion on bringing in the next generation of solid waste practitioners and distributing the knowledge of experienced leaders.

Moderator: Lauren Quan

  • Eric Nielsen –  Regional Sales Manager, QED Environmental Systems
  • Lytasha Bastine – Shepard Waste Management Facility Operations Superintendent, City of Calgary
  • Michelle Tomasiewicz – Environmental Engineer-In-Training, AECOM
  • Sonya Adams – Landfill Manager, Drumheller & District Solid Waste Management Association

Safety – How can we improve our safety systems? – Session 5B

Room: Katimavik A

Moderator: Mario Poveda

  • “The long and Winding Road to Building a Safety Culture – Lesson learned the hard way”, Patrick Peck, South Central Solid Waste Authority (Las Cruces, New Mexico)
  • “Beyond Size: Exploring Safety Challenges and Solutions in Small Landfills”, Sarah Keith, Tetra Tech

Closing Plenary

Room: Katimavik ABCD

“What makes Yellowknife Special?” – Environmental Programs that are operating and inspiring in Yellowknife

Moderator: Michelle Tomasiewicz

  • Gerri Whiteford & Elsie De Roose, Food Rescue
  • Matthew Grogono, Old Town Glassworks
  • Mark Heyck, Arctic Energy Alliance
  • Aileen Ling, Makerspace
  • Dawn Tremblay, Ecology North
  • Lise Picard, Yellowknife Farmers Market

Farewell Lunch & Closing Remarks

Room: Katimavik ABCD

Lunch sponsored by