April 20, 2020


Young Professionals Luncheon

Mini Tours - Banff Waste and Recycling

Mini Tours - Brewery Tour

Mini Tours - Banff Gondola

Tradeshow Setup

Conference Welcome Event and Tradeshow Sneak Peak

Start the conference off with a complimentary drink and appetizers.  Get to know the venue, the exhibitors and colleagues.

After Party

April 21, 2020

Breakfast & Conference Opening

Keynote Address - Spencer Beach

*Spencer opens his heart and relives his story to share with the audience how every fearful and painful moment was to become a blessing. By using his expert story-telling and amazing sense of humor Spencer will ignite the audience to believing in the power of help. He will share why change is positive as the audience discovers his greatest lesson was Forged in the Heart of Fire.

This presentation will never leave you as Spencer’s messages will be applicable throughout life.

Trade Show Opening and Refreshment Break

Opening Plenary Session

Networking Lunch

SWANA Northern Lights AGM

Safety Session

Climate Change & Waste

Disaster Debris Stories

Exhibit Viewing and Refreshment Break


Food Waste Reduction

Disaster Debris Solutions

Tradeshow Reception

Banquet and Entertainment

After Party

April 22, 2020


Disaster Debris



Exhibit Viewing and Refreshment Break

Closing Keynote

Farewell Lunch & Closing Remarks

Networking Dinner at Banff Brewery

April 23, 2020

SWANA NLC Landfill Fire Training

This course is designed to assist landfill personnel, firefighting professionals, and landfill regulators/inspectors in better understanding the challenges and impacts of landfill fires. The lessons will review the different types and causes of landfill fires, identify tools and best management practices for preventing fires, and review firefighting methods for addressing landfill fires.

SWANA NLC Leachate Operations

Leachate Management is a comprehensive look at the management of leachate from production to collection and storage to treatment including design and operation of landfills.   Participants in this course will also examine the complex combination of physical, chemical, and microbial processes that creates this toxic mix; survey regulations; discuss minimizing and mitigating leachate outbreaks; and, look at various treatment options.


  • Tours will depart the Banff Springs Hotel at 9:00am.
  • Tours will provide for Drop Off at the Calgary International Airport and then return to the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel
  • Tour 1 – City of Calgary Waste & Recycling
  • Tour 2 – Renewable Energy Tour

Spring Ski Day