May 9, 2018

SWANA Certification Exam sitting

Registration Open

Klingon Bat’leth Training - Golf

Sponsored by Tetra Tech
Enjoy an afternoon of golf at the beautiful and challenging Riverside Golf Course. Riverside is minutes from the host hotel and incorporates the Saskatchewan River. “Heavily treed with fairways that dip away in all the "right" places, Riverside is filled with plenty of opportunities to raise the old blood pressure and bend the clubs.”

Tour of Ceti Alpha V - Beaver Regional, Transfer Station and Clean Harbors Tour

Sponsored by Beaver Municipal Solutions
Beaver Regional Waste Management Services Commission was created in 1992 and operates under the name of Beaver Municipal Solutions. The facility at Ryley is one of the largest active landfills in western Canada. This all-day tour includes a stop at a transfer station, a site tour of Clean Harbors and Beaver Municipal Solutions landfills. Delegates will have an opportunity to check out some big equipment up close and personal and see some of the fruits of the Upcycle Challenge (tire covers made from used bill boards and an electric guitar made from pallets and construction cast-offs) while enjoying some local cuisine.

Romulan Ale Tour - Brewery Tour

This tour is intended to add a little hoppy, frothy goodness to the conference. Edmonton Brewery Tours takes guests on a journey through Edmonton’s thriving craft beer scene. Discover how passionate tap pullers and a thirst for good beer quickly evolved into a local liquid obsession. Although perhaps not the highlight, waste management will certainly be discussed. Bottoms up!

Tour of Star Fleet Command - City of Edmonton EcoStation and Waste Management Centre Tour

This tour will stop at the Kennedale Eco Station where delegates will see how the City of Edmonton manages HHW, electronics, and other household materials. The tour continues to the Edmonton Waste Management Centre (EWMC) showing the largest solid waste transfer and processing facility between Vancouver and Toronto. The EWMC includes a MRF, electronics recycling, large scale composting facility, landfill gas recovery facility, leachate treatment plant and the Enerkem Biofuels Facility that converts waste materials to Ethanol.

Beam me Up Scotty - Conference Welcome Event

Start the conference off with a reception and networking activities that will allow participants to interact and have fun. This welcome will be hosted at the top of the Chateau Lacombe “La Ronde” to enjoy a 360 view of the riverbank and Edmonton.

Shore Leave on Risa - After Party

May 10, 2018

First Khitomer Accords - Breakfast

Full Ahead, Warp Speed! - Conference Opening

Welcoming Remarks

Keynote Speaker

Rec Time in Ten Forward - Break

Trade Show Opening & Coffee Break in Trade Show

You can't mix matter and anti-matter - Opening Plenary

The Opening Plenary is going to be an exciting and interactive LEGO workshop! Not just any Lego, but “Lego Serious Play” where delegates interact, discuss problems and create solutions.


Shields Up!! Red Alert!!


To boldly go where no one has gone before

•Waste Composition Changes Impact Technology Choices in Waste Handling - Michael Cant, Principal in Waste Management Planning at GHD
•What Makes Sense to Recycle? Processing Costs and Adding Material - Lisa Skumatz Principle, SERA-Skumatz Economic
•Rich Allan, Arizona

Disaster Debris Workshop

This workshop is offered by the SWANA Northern Lights Crisis Committee. The workshop is for waste managers, operators, administrators and politicians to gain an understanding of issues related to dealing with disaster debris and how they can develop a plan for debris management before a disaster strikes.

It’s worse than that, its’ dead Jim!

MODERATOR: Christina Seidel
•Al Lynch - SWANA’s Canadian Representative to the SWANA Board of Directors and a member of SWANA’s new Recycling Task Force.
•Dave Baken - SUEZ Waste Services Canada Inc.
SUEZ operates and maintains the Edmonton Co-Composting Facility, Edmonton Materials Recovery Facility, and maintains the Edmonton Integrated Processing & Transfer Facility for the City of Edmonton. SUEZ also operates and maintains the Swan Hills Treatment Centre for the Province of Alberta.
•Rich Allan, CEO of Salt River landfill, Phoenix, Arizona

Refreshment Break in Trade Show

Infinite Diversity in Infinite combination

Waste, Diversion & Partnerships in Rural Communities

•Solid Waste Management in First Nations Communities: Looking in From the Outside - Anderson Assuah, PhD Student, Natural Resource Institute, University of Manitoba
•Landfilling operations and waste management in the Northwest Territories and the changes to the management of waste and diversion underway in the Territory to address site capacity, management and environmental risk - Paul Dewaele, Principal, Senior Geo-Environmental Engineer, Golder Associates.
•First Nations Waste Region Partnership (Manitoba) (TBC)

I canna’ change the laws of physics

Safety Session

•Fentanyl Awareness 101 - Cpl. Brad McIntosh is the Team Leader for the RCMP K Division Clandestine Lab Enforcement and Response (CLEAR) Team
•Cannabis and Risks to workers - Darcy Hansen RN, Certified in Occupational Health Nursing (Canada) - President

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few

Inspiring stories from "take-it-or-leave-it" and reuse waste

•What a Waste! - Kristin Arnot, Reuse Centre Operations Coordinator, Waste Collection Services, City of Edmonton’s Reuse Centre
•Take It or Leave It - Anne Auriat, Town of Edson
•Art for the Sake of Community - Leanne Olson, City of Edmonton Artist in Residence

Rec Time in Ten Forward - Tradeshow Reception

Sponsored by Geoware
Start Thursday evening’s festivities while learning from our exhibitors in a relaxed environment.

Memory Alpha - Admiral's Banquet

Wine Sponsored by EMW
Banquet and Entertainment
The social highlight of the conference!

Resistance is Futile - After Party

May 11, 2018

Second Khitomer Accords - Breakfast

Hailing on all Frequencies

Communication in a Changing World

•Curbside Waste Education Program - Olivia Kwok, Supervisor, Waste & Diversion Programs, City of St. Albert
•Implementation of Calgary’s Green Cart Program - Philipa Wagner, Green Cart Implementation Leader, Waste & Recycling Services, City of Calgary
•Implementing Change Successfully - Petra Wildauer, General Manager of Environmental Services, Regional District of Fraser-Fort Geore; Laura Zapotichny, History BA, Honors, Waste Diversion Program Leader, Regional District of Fraser-Fort George

Warp Speed!

The Next Generation of Composting Technologies

•How Anaerobic Digestion has Impacted the Canadian Waste Landscape - Tej Gidda, Waste Management Services Principle, GHD
•Aeration in Composting Environments - Daryl McCartney, Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta
•Leduc Landfill ET-LB Using compost residuals to reduce emissions from existing landfill pilot project - Michel Lefebvre, Tetra Tech

I'm a landfill operator, not a doctor

Landfills – Planning & Tech

•Controlling developments around your landfill - Steve Johnson, Waste Services Manager, AECOM
•Loss Prevention Avoiding Financial - Scott Theede, Operations Engineer, City of Saskatoon
•Gaining operational efficiency and insights by automating scales - Rocky Strong, Strong Data Automation

Rec Time in Ten Forward - Refreshment Break

Exhibit Viewing and Refreshment Break

The Final Frontier - Closing Keynote

Kathryn Ivany has been the City Archivist at the City of Edmonton Archives since 2010. Kathryn will lead us through the evolution of how Edmonton moved from dumping their waste on the river bank to being a leader in recycling. Expect great photos and an interesting history lesson.

Live Long & Prosper - Closing Luncheon

Farewell Lunch & Closing Remarks