Wednesday, May 17

Pre-Conference Workshop: Circular Economy Lab

Da Vinci Ballroom
facilitated by Chris Lindberg, Natural Step Canada

In this workshop, The Natural Step will guide a discussion about a system where materials are not simply discarded, but reused or recycled into new products. Group activities will be used to help explore a platform for ongoing experimentation, innovation and collaboration, and what is needed to accelerate a transition to a circular economy.

The Natural Step Canada, a nonprofit organization that helps organizations and individuals understand and make meaningful progress toward sustainability, has recently launched a new initiative entitled Ontario Circular Economy Innovation Lab (CEIL). With this new initiative, the nonprofit aims to accelerate Canada’s transition to a circular economy.

SWANA Young Professionals Luncheon

Naples Room

The SWANA Young Professionals (YPs) luncheon will kick off the conference and help our YPs make connections with conference colleagues and learn a bit about opportunities in the days to come. The YP luncheon is open to all conference attendees under the age of 35.
Sponsored by CleanFARMS


Bus leaves at 11:30
Hop on the bus, grab lunch (included) at the clubhouse and tee off for a 12-hole round of golf at the newly redesigned Greenbryre Golf & Country Club. Situated at the edge of the city, this beautiful course offers the perfect setting for networking and relaxing. Round trip bus from hotel and lunch are included.
Sponsored by Environmental Metal Works Ltd.

SOLD OUT - Bus Tour - Northern Landfill and PSI Construction/Demolition salvage yard

Meet in hotel lobby at 1:15 pm – bus leaves at 1:30pm
the largest private landfill in Saskatchewan, Loraas’ Northern landfill site has become the standard to which all other municipal and private landfills in Saskatchewan are now engineered to.
The PSI facility is the only licensed Construction & Demolition (C&D) Site in the province. PSI Technologies recycles concrete, asphalt, brick, waste wood piles and other compostable materials.
We’re sorry the bus tour is sold out

Walking Tour -- Exploring Local

Meet in Conference Lobby upstairs, tour departs at 1:30
Check out Saskatoon’s champions of local food production with stops at The Hollows restaurant for appetizers created from castoff food, 9 Mile Legacy Brewing for a tour and a taste at their microbrewery and the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market. It’s just a ten minute walk from the Radisson Hotel along the South Saskatchewan River to Saskatoon’s thriving Riversdale District where all these local treasures await.

NEW - Workshop: Exploring the world of textile waste

Da Vinci Ballroom
facilitated by Sabine Weber, Sustainable Strategies and Solutions
This workshop is an introduction to textile waste. It starts by answering three questions central to the problem: What are textiles? What causes textile waste? And why is textile waste especially problematic? We will explore how consumers currently manage their unwanted garments and what needs to change in order to get textiles out of landfills. Participants will calculate how much post-consumer textile waste their own community might create, and how much CO2 emissions could be saved if textiles were reused instead of dumped. We will consider and discuss actions taken by municipalities to address the issue and what hurdles need to be overcome. The workshop will conclude with discussion questions from participants.

YP Speeed Mentoring

Hudsons Canada’s Pub 401 21st St East

Co-mingling: Kick-off reception

Hudsons Canada’s Pub 401 21st St East
Kick-off drinks sponsored by CasCell Trading Group

Thursday, May 18

Co-consumption: Breakfast

Michelangelo AB

Welcome - Charlie Clark, Mayor, Saskatoon

Michelangelo AB

Keynote Speaker

Michelangelo AB
Building a Local Circular Economy – Jonathan Pereira, Plant Chicago
Sponsored by Electronic Product Recycling Association — Saskatchewan

Co-ffee Break

Conference Lobby & Michelangelo C
sponsored by GFL Environmental

Opening Plenary: the Circular Economy in Practice

Michelangelo AB
• What the Heck does Circular have to do with the Economy — Christina Seidel, sonnevera
• Circular, or Spinning in Circles…? — Mikheal Metauro, Cascades
• Textiles: A challenge for the Circular Economy — Sabine Weber, Sustainable Strategies & Solutions
Sponsored by The City of Calgary (Waste & Recycling Services)

Co-Consumption Lunch

Michelangelo AB

SWANA Annual General Meeting

Michelangelo AB

SWRC Annual General Meeting

Michelangelo AB

Session A - Improving Landfill Performance

Michelangelo A
• The Impact of Social and Technological Change on Waste Management — Jim Lapp, City of Edmonton
• Revaluating the Life Expectancy of a Landfill — Greg Kuntz, City of Regina
• Tire Derived Aggregate in Landfill Leachate Collection Systems — Ian Fleming, University of Saskatchewan
Sponsored by Whissell Contracting Ltd.

Session B - Preventing Food Waste

Da Vinci Ballroom
•Avoiding Food Waste in Hotel Kitchens — Scott Torgerson, Radisson Hotel
•Keep the change, Be the change: The solution to food waste is in your pocket – Josh Domingues, Flashfood
•Red Deer’s Feed 500 – Mary Curtis, City of Red Deer

Session C - Keeping Workers Safe

Venice Room
Sponsored by Waste Management of Canada Corporation
•Incident Investigations – Cathy Davidson – City of Sasaktoon
Developing Smarter, Safer Drivers — Randall Soutter, FleetMind
• Arc Flash and Grounding: Safety Compliance and Good Practice – Chris Riddle, EPG Companies

Co-ffee Break

Conference Lobby & Michelangelo C
Sponsored by Multi-Material Stewardship Western

Session D - Waste Management & Small Communities

Michelangelo A
•Solid Waste Management for Northern and Remote Communties — Molly Morse, Environment and Climate Change Canada
•Designing and Constructing Landfills in Remote Communities, Bob Jardine, Associated Engineering
•The True Cost of Landfill Closures — Michel Lefebvre, Tetra Tech
Sponsored by Capital Paper

Session E - The Next Big Things

Venice Room
• Public Space Recycling in Manitoba — Christa Rust, CBCRA
• Grain Bag Recycling: YES, it is happening — Barry Friesen and KimTimmer, CleanFARMS
• BioProducts Revolution: Biomass and the Opportunity to Reduce Carbon Emissions — Jamie Bakos, Titan Clean Energy Pojects

Sponsored by Titan Clean Energy Projects

Session F - Campfire Session on Public Education

Da Vinci Ballroom
Design your own recycling program from the very beginning in this interactive session. Participants will be grouped together and given a recycling stream with the task of creating an effective recycling program. How will a system be designed that suits the needs of all stakeholders, and how do we communicate it effectively?
Sponsored by Crown Shred & Recycling

Co-mingling: Geoware Reception

Conference Lobby & Michelangelo C
Sponsored by Geoware

SARRCocreate Banquet

Michelangelo AB
Provincial address – David Buckingham, MLA
Sask Waste Minimization Awards — Sponsored by SaskTel
SWANA Awards
Sponsored by Sask Association for Resource Recovery Corp.

After Party

1/2 Cut Lounge
416 21st St East

Friday, May 19

Co-consumption: Breakfast

Michelangelo AB

Keynote Speaker: The Whitecap Story

Michelangelo AB
Chief Darcy Bear, Whitecap Dakota First Nation
Sponsored by Loraas

Co-ffee Break

Michelangelo AB
Sponsored by the Canadian Plastics Industry Assocation

Session G -- Technological Considerations for Processing Organics

Venice Room
• Alberta Organics Diversion and Implications for Leachate Quality — Steve Johnson, AECOM
• Approaches to Selecting Food Waste Processing Technologies — Darryl McCartney, University of Alberta
• Economics of Dry Batch Digestion for Small Municipalities – An Alberta Case Study — Earl Jensen, Alberta Innovates

Session H -- Provinical Ministry updates

Michelangelo A
• Manitoba Sustainable Development– Ashley Keep
• What’s New in Alberta — Christina Seidel, Recycling Council of Alberta
• Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment –
Che-Wei Chung & Mike Rathwell

Session I - Trying to Create a Clean Stream - Tackling Contamination

Da Vinci Ballroom
•Get That Garbage Outta Here! – Betsy Varghese, Dillon Consulting
•Dealing with Recycling Contamination (aka: Keeping Diapers, Samurai Swords, Kittens, Needles and other non-recyclables out of the Blue Carts) — Daniel Mireault, City of Saskatoon

Co-Consumption: Lunch

Michelangelo AB

Conference closes