2017: CoCreate

Saskatoon, SK


Thank you to everyone who attending our 2017 Conference in Saskatoon, SK. Below are copies of the proceedings from the conference.

Keynote Presentation
Building a Circular Economy
The Whitecap Story

Opening Plenary – The Circular Economy in Practice

What the Heck Does Circular Have to Do with the Economy?

Circular, or Spinning in Circles…?

Textiles: A Challenge for the Circular Economy

Improving Landfill Performance

The Impact of Social and Technological Change on Waste Management

Revaluating the Life Expectancy
of a Landfill

Tire Derived Aggregate in Landfill Leachate Collection Systems – Ian Fleming, University of Saskatchewan (presentation not available)

Preventing Food Waste

Avoiding Food Waste in Hotel Kitchens – Scott Torgerson, Radisson Hotel (presentation not available)

National Food Waste Reduction Strategy

Red Deer’s Feed 500

Keeping Workers Safe

Incident Investigation

Developing Smarter, Safer Drivers

Arc Flash and Grounding: Safety Compliance and Good Practices

Waste Management in Small and Remote Communities

Solid Waste Management for Northern
and Remote Communities

Designing and Constructing Landfills
in Remote Communities

The True Cost of Landfill Closures – Michel Lefebvre (presentation not available)

The Next Big Things

Public Space Recycling in Manitoba

Grain Bag Recycling: YES, It Is Happening

BioProducts Revolution: Biomass and the Opportunity to Reduce Carbon Emissions – Jamie Bakos, Titan Clean Energy Projects (presentation not available)

Technological Considerations for Processing Organics

Alberta Organics Diversion and Implications for Leachate Quality

Approaches to Selecting Food Waste Processing Technologies

Economics of Dry Batch Digestion for Small Municipalities: An Alberta Case Study

Provincial Ministry Updates

Manitoba Conservation, Green Manitoba

What’s New in Alberta

Saskatchewan Ministry of Environments (Waste Stewardship)

Saskatchewan Ministry of Environments (Landfills)

Co-Creating a Clean Stream – Tackling Contamination

Get That Garbage Outta Here!

Dealing with Recycling Contamination