2014: Solving the Puzzle Together

Regina, SK


Reforum 2014 Schedule

Keynote Speakers:

David White is the founder of the strategic planning and facilitation company, Synergy Solutions. He’s had more than 25 years of experience leading organizations and businesses through start-ups and restructuring. David is a regular columnist with SaskBusiness magazine and is in demand as a speaker and writer on the effect that organizational culture can have on a company’s success. His recent book Resilience chronicles the changes in culture at Ford Motor Company that allowed it to survive the recession without handouts and emerge with better designed vehicles, a highly committed workforce, and a strong environmental ethic.
(He’s also the first person in Saskatchewan to buy Ford’s new hybrid car, the C-Max!)

Jerry Powell is the owner of three magazines (Resource Recycling, Plastics Recycling Update and E-Scrap News) and helps organize three of the world’s largest recycling conferences: The E-Scrap Conference and Exhibition, The Plastics Recycling Conference and Exhibition, and The Resource Recycling Conference and Exhibition. Jerry is in demand all over North America as a speaker on what’s new in the world of recycling and how this affects local programs.

Ruben Anderson is a Behaviour Change and Sustainable Systems consultant, developing the idea of Compassionate Systems to address the frustration and failure of behaviour change. Ruben has taught Sustainable Design at the Emily Carr University and consulted on future-proofed, locally resilient systems for the City of Vancouver’s Sustainability Group and the Planning Department, as well as for BC Housing, Industry Canada and private sector clients. Ruben will outline the ten myths of behaviour change and introduce the concept of compassionate systems – thought-provoking concepts for anyone working on waste and recycling systems.

Keynote Speaker: David White, Synergy Solutions. Resilience: A Key Piece of the Puzzle

Nina Purewal, TerraCycle. Eliminating the Idea of Waste

Brad Clude, Mountain Equipment Coop. The Evolution of Sustainability Programs

Maury McCausland, London Drugs. Solving the Puzzle – The ability to keep up or keep going

Keynote Speaker: Jerry Powell, Resource Recycling. Recycling Markets — the whole picture emerges

Kevin Litwiller, Lystek. The Changing Landscape of Biosolids Management

Leon Green, Wood Buffalo. Aerobic Bioreactor Landfill Project

Dr. Laura Haupert. The Science of Odour Control Applied at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre

Stacey Schaub-Szabo. Visual or weight based audits. Is one method better than the other?

Chris van Rossem CSSA. Trends in Waste Composition

Ben Dunbar, AET Consulting. The Evolution of Residential Waste Composition and Considerations for Future Impacts on Collection, Processing and Diversion

Katherine Arbuthnott, U of Regina. The Joy of Frugality: Waste minimization and well-being

Sydney Smith, SARCAN Recycling. The People Are the Message

Penny McKinlay. Strategic Planning: Playful, Passionate, Provocative

Trevor Kehler. Unlimited Supplies from Everyone’s Discards

Gerry Ruecker. The Art of Junk

Allie Perrin. Creative, Concious and closing the loop

Patrick Schmidt. COS Landfill Gas to energy

Emterra’s Wpg fleet – Paulina Leung. A CNG fleet

Jim McKay – The Role of Energy Recovery in Integrated Solid Waste Management

Janet Taylor, Summerhill. True North: End-of-Life Vehicle Diversion in Nunavut

Linda Cunningham & Jody Rhodes, KCDC. The Northern E-Waste Collection Pilot Project

Shaun Spalding. End-of-Life Vehicle Management in Northern Manitoba

Keynote Speaker: Ruben Anderson. Keynote

Duane Guenther, PSI. Municipal Government & Recycling – A Contractors Perspective

Roland Rusnell. Hard to Handle Materials — the landfill manager’s perspective

Paul van der Werf. Community Recycling — Putting the (Modular) Pieces Together affordably

Jenn Meilleur – North Shore Recycling Program. The Power of Getting Personal:  How Compost Coaching Reduces Curbside Collection

Betsy Varghese. Study of Options for Organic Waste Processing in Newfoundland

Dave Douglas. Curbside Source Separated Organics (SSO) Food Scraps – Best Management Practices

Shane Olson, Shercom Industries. Tire Derived Aggregate: Landfill Leachate/Civil Engineering Applications

Daryl McCartney – Alberta Recycling. Alberta Research & Reality of TDA use in Leachate Collection and Drainage Systems

Kim Timmer, Clean Farms & Travis Quirk, PCAB. Tire Derived Aggregate: Landfill Leachate/Civil Engineering Applications

Closing Plenary Panel: What’s New in the West?

Stephanie Walton. Saskatchewan

Christina Seidel (RCA). Alberta

Ashley Keep. Manitoba

Giselle Beaudry. NWT

Hilton DoubleTree, Regina, SK


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