2013: Rags to Riches

Edmonton, Alberta


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SWANA Northern Lights 2013 Annual Conference
June 19-21, 2013

Technical Session 1A:

Waste to Biofuel / Plenary
Sponsored by Alberta Innovates – Energy and Environment Solutions (AI-EES)
Moderator: Al Lynch, SWANA Canadian Director

  • AI – Energy & Environment Solutions  — Duke Duplessis, AI-EES
  • Edmonton’s Road to the Waste to Biofuel Project — Bud Latta, City of Edmonton
  • Enerkem’s Waste to Biofuel Technology — Denis Arguin, EnerkemInc

Technical Session 1B:
Agricultural Plastics Stewardship –A “Burning” Issue
Moderator: Sheri Praski, SWANA-NLC Executive Director

  • Update from Alberta — Scott Nicol, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development and Reuben Joosse, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.
  • Update on Saskatchewan Stewardship Program Development (From Green to Gold) — Shelly Nicolle Phillips, Environmental Protection Branch, Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment
  • An AGplastics recycling solution for Western Canada — Barry Friesen, CleanFARMS/AgriRÉCUP

Technical Session 2A:
Waste to Biofuel II / Energy
Sponsored by Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures
Moderator: Jim Schubert, City of Edmonton

  • Production of Refuse Derived Fuel for Energy Generation — Lena Aiken VecoPlan LLC/City of Edmonton Uwe Eschenhorst
  • Metro Vancouver Waste to Energy Development Process — Sarah Wellman, Metro Vancouver
  • Development of Waste to Energy Project — Peter Veiga, Region of Durham; Watch the Video Clip: OxBlueMovie.mp4
  • Southern Alberta Energy from Waste; Building a Regional Utility — Paul Ryan, Southern Alberta Energy
    and Waste Association

Technical Session 2B:
Special Topics
Sponsored by Clark Builders
Moderator: Brad Schultz, Alberta Recycling Management Authority

  •  Potential Use of Contaminated Woods in Biosolids Composting – Abu Kamal, Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence
  •  Evaluating the Performance of Tire-Derived Aggregate in Leachate Systems – Pete Marshall, Adelantar Consulting
  •  Odour Monitoring and Forecasting System – Heather Speers, City of Edmonton
  •  “Composting Process”
  •  “Composting Process” – GORE Technology in 2 phases
  •  Maturity Index
  •  Sources of Molybenum

Technical Session 3A:
Social Marketing/Waste Reduction
Moderator: Trent Tompkins, City of Edmonton

  • Moving Towards the Goal of Zero Waste – Paresh Thanawala, EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.
  • Single Use Retail Bag Use Program – Michelle Hannah, Government of the Northwest Territories
  • Capital Region Collaboration Study – Anita Fisher, Capital Region Waste Management Advisory Committee

Technical Session 3B:
Common Waste ManagementIssues
Moderator: Michelle Jelinski, City of Saskatoon (Young Professional)

  • Waste Management in Yellowknife – Peter Houweling, City of Yellowknife
  • Survey-Based Approach to Identify Residents’ Preferred Curbside Collection Program – Stacey SchaubSzabo, s-Cube Environmental
  • Composition Study for Anaerobic Digestion in Rural Communities – Xiaomei Li, Alberta Innovates – Energy and Environmental Solutions

Technical Session 4A:
Biological Waste Treatment
Sponsored by Lystek
Moderator: Christian Felske, City of Edmonton

  • The State of Anaerobic Digestion in Canada – Scott D. Kyle, Dillon Consulting Ltd.
  • Organic Waste Management Life Cycle Assessment- A Case Study – Richard Johnson, SLR Consulting
  • Leaf and Yard Waste Strategy – Natasha Page, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

Technical Session 4B
Collection & Transport
Moderator: Richard Toma, City of Edmonton (Young ProfessionaI)

  • City of Calgary – Green Cart Pilot – Lindsay Lofthouse, City of Calgary
  • Development and Implementation of Curbside Organics Program – Betsy Varhese/Alida Kusch, Dillon Consulting Ltd.
  • The Influence of Household Income on Waste Disposal Practices – Raymond Li, CH2M Hill
    • Slideshow Presentation
    • Written Report

Technical Session 5A:
LFG and GHG Management
Sponsored by Waste Management of Canada
Moderator: Doug Karlson, SENA

  • Aerobic Landfill Stabilization Project – Jarrod Peckford, Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
  • Landfill Capping and Influence on Leachate and Landfill Gas – Steve Johnson, AECOM
  • The Carbon Footprint of Various Municipal Waste Management Practices – Alan Yee, City of Edmonton

Technical Session 5B:
Waste Management in the ICI Sector
Sponsored by Secure Energy
Moderator: Jim Lapp, City of Edmonton

  • Operation of a Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling Facility – Otshabeng Otshabeng, City of Edmonton
  • Secure Pembina Landfill Operation – Carly Nigg, Secure Energy Services
  • Organic Waste Utilization in the Institutional Sector – Len Sereda, University of Alberta and Kenston Yan, Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence
Chateau Louis Hotel & Conference Centre