2011: Climate for Change

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


SWANA Northern Lights 2011 Annual Conference
May 30 – June 1, 2011

Technical Sessions 1A

Moderated by: Steve Johnson, AECOM

  • Paula Magdich, City of Calgary – ‘Progress towards 80 per cent waste diversion in Calgary’
  • Dave Douglas, VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp – ‘Curbside Recycling – The blue bag collection program best management practices assessment’

Technical Session 1B

Moderated by: Al Lynch – North Shore Recycling Program, North Vancouver

  • Ardith Lewis, Encana – ‘Refuse and recycling applications: The natural gas solution’
  • Jeff Campbell, Cummins Westport Inc. – ‘Natural gas engines for refuse and recycling applications’

Technical Session 2A

Moderated by: Susan Harty, City of Regina

  • Jamie Bakos, Titan Clean Energy Projects Corporation – ‘Using advanced technologies to recycle biomass solid waste’
  • David Merredew, City of Calgary – ‘Leave it on the lawn: Grasscycling initiative’
  • Dave Douglas, VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp. – ‘The importance of using BPI-approved compostable bags for source separated organics collection of kitchen waste’

Technical Session 2B

Moderated by: Jim Lapp, City of Edmonton

Technical Session 3A

Moderated by: Brenda Wallace, City of Saskatoon

  • Lisa Skumatz, Skumatz Economic Research Associates – ‘Addressing recycling opposition: Tips from the bloodied trenches’
  • Al Lynch, North Shore Recycling Program, Vancouver – ‘Are incentive programs a panacea?’
  • Janine Ralph, Stantec & Beth Goodger, City of Hamilton – ‘Municipal contracting experiences: Best practices for successful contracts’

Technical Sessions 3B

Moderated by: Susan Harty, City of Regina

  • Scott Ferguson, XCG Consultants Ltd – ‘Development and Operation methods to optimize landfill airspace and reduce environmental impacts’
  • Deborah Mihial, City of Regina & Bill Wright, AECOM – ‘Design and construction of a new solid waste disposal cell for the City of Regina’
  • Steve Johnson, AECOM – ‘Waste screening’

Technical Session 4

Moderated by: Colleen Yates, AECOM, Sponsored by The Groundworx Co.

  • Bud Latta, City of Edmonton – ‘Edmonton update: How new technologies are being integrated into Edmonton’s existing advanced systems’
  • Beth Goodger, City of Hamilton – ‘Change management and waste diversion’
  • Curtis Berthelot, PSI Technologies Inc. & Duane Guenther, City of Saskatoon ‘Green Streets Initiative’
  • Dave Schaaf, City of Lethbridge – ‘The evolution of waste management at the City of Lethbridge’

Northern Waste Issues Sessions

Moderated by: Sheri Praski, SWANA NLC. Sponsored by Cameco

  • Janice Isberg, Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence & Jim Lapp, City of Edmonton – ‘Hazardous waste reduction in Nunavut’
    Sponsored by Envirotec Services Incorporated
  • Laura Parenteau, Saskatoon Tribal Council, STC Health & Family Services Inc., & Chief Cachene, Yellow Quill First Nation Case Study: ‘Transitioning from a dump to full waste and recycling transfer stations’
  • Jon Henderson, Cameco Corporation – ‘Challenges and Opportunities of Managing Waste in a Northern Industrial Setting’
  • Angela Bidinosti, Sr. Environmental Specialist, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, MB Region – ‘Overview of First Nations Waste Management in Manitoba’