Who Are We?

SWANA is a non-profit, educational organization serving individuals and communities responsible for the management and operation of municipal solid waste management systems.

SWANA is dedicated to the advancement of professionalism in the field and offers its members training programs, technical assistance, and educational opportunities to help meet their ever-growing needs.

Founded in 1961, SWANA has become the largest member-based solid waste management association in the world. The Northern Lights Chapter includes Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories

Technical Divisions

SWANA’s Technical Divisions are responsible for guiding and supporting the numerous technical activities of SWANA. The divisions are charged with providing to the Association and its membership assistance, knowledge, support and guidance on all matters related to municipal solid waste (MSW) management.  SWANA’s current Technical Divisions include:


SWANA NLC strives to serve our membership and has set goals to ensure we continue to meet the needs of this rapidly changing industry.  Our goals are to:

  • Improve the skills and professionalism of individuals working in the field through initiating formal training programs and fostering certification at all levels.
  • Provide factual, reliable and timely information through publishing literature, encouraging basic and applied research, and establishing standards of practice in the field.
  • Advance the implementation of MSW management systems through fostering sound legislation and regulation of MSW management practices, technologies and systems, establishing incentives and removing barriers to the implementation of MSW management systems, and implementing a technical assistance network.
  • Establish consistent and continuous member leadership and staff support for the division.